Weblook International (Pvt) Ltd recorded yet another milestone in its history when the company was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001: 2008 certificate on June 22, 2016. Weblook International was awarded the certification by the SGS United Kingdom Ltd in recognition of the commitment to excellence demonstrated by the company.

With an aim of ‘Making lives global,’ Weblook International (Pvt) Ltd was founded in 1997. The company seeks to assist its customers in establishing their brand, improve their global presence and to build strong and meaningful relations with their clientele.

The achievement of the ISO 9001:2008 certification is a statement of assurance to our valued clientele that delivery quality, efficient project management and stringent data security is a something that is included in a business process. This achievement which was awarded after nearly 2 decades of industry experience and best practices, will further create our company to continue improving our processes and service offering; bringing the best of the internet to our clientele.

Weblook International provides a plethora of services across a number of sectors including hospitality marketing, total online marketing solution including (SEO, Social Media Marketing etc.), Web design and development, hosting and consultancy services. In addition, several products that are designed to elevate their clients’ online business presence are presented to the customer, that are categorised under Weblook hotel reservation, Weblook cart, Weblook CRM, etc. Furthermore, the company also offers software solutions to the customer.

The company has catered to a number of well recognized companies throughout its history and has garnered a treasure trove of experience that is further enhanced by constant improvements. Weblook International (Pvt) Ltd is prepared to provide solutions to your ICT needs.